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Today, 9 December, is Aïd el-Kebir in Morocco, the “grande fête”, the celebration of Abraham’s sacrifice by Muslims all around the world. The Aïd is one of the main celebrations of Islam commemoration the willingness of prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael. It is a social fest, with families and friends getting together for […]

Things yoou do in Morocco once a year: get yourself a sheep or goat to celebrate the Aid El Kebir, honor Abraham’s sacrifice. This year it’s on 9 December. But be warned, there will be many, many other families buying one, too. Estimates expect 5 million animals to be sold for the celebration. The picture […]

I have been travelling a little bit this weekend, wandering Chefchouans beautiful medina and breathing the air of the Rif mountains chain at the ruins of an old Spanish built mosque. Today I arrived at Tanger, the border tozn in the north, new economic centre. Baptised the Interzone in the 50’s, where everything was allowed. I […]