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Rabat Airport. Somehow just another airport, a very small one maybe. I am missing the time when you were travelling and arriving slowly, when you had time to prepare yourself while travelling. Now: Some shimmering lights in the dark. I walk from the plane to the immigration building. I arrive in Rabat, Morocco to put […]

merry christmas


This year is probably the one where I less feel like Christmas in my life. It is interesting how all the surroundings such as the advent calendars, the decoration, the cold, the days at home with friends and family, looking for presents come into play to create this feeling of celebration. Christmas may be commercialised in […]

Little things that are helpful to know, lesson number 1: here’s how you have to serve Moroccan tea. After spilling half of the pot the previous times I had some Moroccan tea, which is lightly sugared green tea with mint leafs, yesterday, I was finally shown how you get all the tea in the glass. […]