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Let’s start with the highlight: Bu-dang-geo-rae (The Unjust), a movie about bad people and the corrupted system. No one is good, even less those who work on the good side, the Police, the State Prosecution. The rivalry between the police investigator Choi and the State Prosecutor Joo pushes the movie forward constantly and drives each […]

Rabat Airport. Somehow just another airport, a very small one maybe. I am missing the time when you were travelling and arriving slowly, when you had time to prepare yourself while travelling. Now: Some shimmering lights in the dark. I walk from the plane to the immigration building. I arrive in Rabat, Morocco to put […]

Things I love to do in the mornings (although I must admit that the image has been taken night-time) in Rabat is passing by the bakery to get myself some sweet bread. Wonderful stuff. I very much like the fillings with almonds, but there is much more. Not to talk about the pastery, amazing. Yesterday, […]

9 December is also international Anti-corruption Day. Transparency International’s national chapters have organised a multitude of events to commemorate, raise the awareness for the need to tackle corruption, and invite everyone to join events such as cartoon exhibitions in Bangladesh and awarding anti-corruption fighters in Sri Lanka. More information on 9 December and events by […]

As I have been telling you all the other things that I am doing here so far, let me tell you a little bit on what I am working on these days in Rabat and what is something like my day-to-day. Both equally important bits to understanding as you might well imagine. Here I am […]