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I am slowly getting there. Or better: here. It’s fun unpacking books! I start reading, making mentally a list of which book to put on my night stand, what to read again, and how to organise them. Next on my list, a German book: Wolfgang Schömel’s “Die große Verschwendung”. What are you reading? Advertisements

Just walked up three floors and down three floors. But what a nice surprise! Here’s the new English book store at Dussmann. Very inviting, and an even bigger selection of English books, at least so it appears. So no area anymore, a real store. And you don’t have to walk up three floors anymore.

Rabat Airport. Somehow just another airport, a very small one maybe. I am missing the time when you were travelling and arriving slowly, when you had time to prepare yourself while travelling. Now: Some shimmering lights in the dark. I walk from the plane to the immigration building. I arrive in Rabat, Morocco to put […]