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Berlinale 2012


It is cold in Berlin, it snows, yet, I am excited! It’s Berlinale time, another round of the Berlin film festival. A week standing in lines for tickets, displacing myself from one cinema to another, trying to grab a bite in between films. After last year’s extensive coverage, I still managed to submerge myself a […]

Ok, I have promised it. Here it goes: Golden Bear for Best Film En Terrain Connus. Because it surprised me. It kept me intrigued. It made me laugh. And it made me build up a sympethy for its characters as no other film did! And it not only had great actors, but also great sound […]

I was so busy watching movies over the weekend, that I didn’t get to write up a couple of lines as previously. So now the Berlinale is over. I do not (yet) show withdrawal symptoms. They will come though, latest tonight. Nice that the Arsenal repeats some of the Forum films. Make sure you catch […]

Yesterday was a nice evening with two very different movies, from two very different areas of the world. I loved Man Chu (Late Autumn)! It’s maybe my favourite film during this year’s Berlinale (together with En Terrains Connus, Into the White Night and Unjust…).  A very sensible movie, but never sentimental. Korean director Kim Tae-Yong […]

Over the last two days, I’ve seen only three movies, with a bit of a break yesterday and one film for a change. Getting a bit tired by now. And it seems that I have the slowest and most boring movie ahead for Sunday night: Un Mundo Misterioso (A Mysterious World) by Moreno. The last […]

It’s difficult to balance a 40h work week with watching as many Berlinale movies as possible. So I didn’t get to write up anything yesterday on my latest movies. So here go some thoughts on Mondays movies, Japanese crime film Byakuyakou (Into The White Night) and the Russian sci-fi story Mishen (Target). Later today, I’ll […]

Let’s start with the highlight: Bu-dang-geo-rae (The Unjust), a movie about bad people and the corrupted system. No one is good, even less those who work on the good side, the Police, the State Prosecution. The rivalry between the police investigator Choi and the State Prosecutor Joo pushes the movie forward constantly and drives each […]