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Berlinale 2012


It is cold in Berlin, it snows, yet, I am excited! It’s Berlinale time, another round of the Berlin film festival. A week standing in lines for tickets, displacing myself from one cinema to another, trying to grab a bite in between films. After last year’s extensive coverage, I still managed to submerge myself a […]

Nights in Washington are different. I don’t know exactly why and how, but I don’t feel the same need as in Berlin to be outside. Why is it that restaurants are so loud that you can barely talk? Don’t they check on the acoustic at all? It seems that the louder, the hipper the place. […]



Oh, and Washington is only a couple of hours away from Berlin, and a couple of miles from Ocean City. No comparison to Berlin though, the other Berlin, over in Germany, you know. Other than that the Delmarva peninsula shines with Frankford, a lot of British city names (Oxford, Cambridge), and Vienna.

Let’s start with the highlight: Bu-dang-geo-rae (The Unjust), a movie about bad people and the corrupted system. No one is good, even less those who work on the good side, the Police, the State Prosecution. The rivalry between the police investigator Choi and the State Prosecutor Joo pushes the movie forward constantly and drives each […]

I couldn’t imagine being able to post snow related pictures as part of this advent calendar! But here you go: Shoveling snow on the roofs of Berlin! (And I am cheating, as I am posting this only today, which is the third of December…)

This is to pick up where I left it two years ago. Back then, when I started this blog, I wanted to write up a bit of my experiences in Morocco. Now, here’s what I did on first of November, besides having my piece of chocolate from the advents calendar (photo to follow). First snow […]

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