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Nice to honor Ludwig Mies van der Rohe‘s birthday today with a Google doodle. Remembering Mies van der Rohe also fits with reminding forced emigration by German, especially artists, avantgardists, musicians, and of course the Jews who managed to do so, before World War II, an issue that I have been reflecting about lately through […]

I somehow have the impression that there aren’t as many installations (usually do not serve anything but filling the space and, sometimes, look good) on Morrocans public spaces, plazas and crossings, than in Europe. But yesterday I left to Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, and the biggest city with nearly 4 million people, just […]

Here’s something I love about Moroccan decor. The tiles that can be found everywhere, from the walls of the restaurants, the houses, the door frames, the washing facilities of the mosques. One example that I took in the restaurant in the Medina in Rabat: