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Too many walls


There are still too many walls on the world. Erected to divide a city on 13 August 1961, the Berliner Mauer would have been 50 this year. Thankfully, the existing pieces only exists for tourists nowadays. There are two famous quotes by American presidents on the wall. One, by J.F. Kennedy, who said 1963 in […]

On my way back from Asunción. The third time coming through São Paulo Guarulhos. I had enough of this most boring airport ever, no internet, no news or books stand, nothing. But 7 hours time. So, leaving the airport, into a taxi and visiting a friend in Vila Madalena. Here’s some photos that I took […]



too early at the airport. it’s 3:30 AM (yes, AM). and the counter isn’t even open. so here is what I saw in Vilnius in a rushed day and a half…

I haven’t done this for about 20 years but somehow got excited this time: I am collecting Panini-stickers and I know, it’s very commercial and everything and there are very cool and independent one’s in Switzerland, but here I am. It’s actually really fun in Colombia: you can get and change them (2 for 1) […]

There can much be said about yesterday’s day, but the most important was said by Barack Obama in his inauguration speech, as 44th President of the USA. Maybe just to highlight two sentences relating to my recent Moroccan work experience: “To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and […]

Here’s the idea. I like music, film, books and experiencing cultures. I find it exciting to discover how people live all over the world. My work allows me to travel to some places and work in some countries for some time. But often, I just hear a song, read a book or a news story […]