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The Field


The driving energy of The Field. And the best album title this year: The Looping State of Mind. Early show at U Street Music Hall last weekend. I found out about it last minute. Much better than Halloween. And a song using the new HTML5 Soundcloud feature. Update: Hm, doesn’t seem to work yet. Here’s […]

Weekend, jazz, sun, water, sangria, people dancing. Beautiful.

Right tools


Philosophy of life: It’s just a matter of the right tool. (Note the bent tool on the right after trying to open a screw of the front wheel of my bike)  

These street vendors are fascinating. Why? Because they adapt to wherever they are. From a marketing standpoint: They really know their audience! In Rome, you will find them selling handbags with the word “Rome” on it. In Marrakesh, they’ll sell you sunglasses and scarfs. In Washington, well, they offer ties. Some even say “Washington”!!!

Nights in Washington are different. I don’t know exactly why and how, but I don’t feel the same need as in Berlin to be outside. Why is it that restaurants are so loud that you can barely talk? Don’t they check on the acoustic at all? It seems that the louder, the hipper the place. […]

Balcony Part I


On why it is so incredibly great to have a balcony part I. Today: amazing sunsets. More pictures in the balcony series to come soon.