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Do you know the feeling? I have struggled myself out of bed, denying myself the pleasure of another snooze, out into the cold, to be bitten by mosquitos, only to be waiting for that famous moose to appear. I imagined its majestic appearance, slowly trotting into the focus of my lens. But nothing. One hour wait […]



Oh, and Washington is only a couple of hours away from Berlin, and a couple of miles from Ocean City. No comparison to Berlin though, the other Berlin, over in Germany, you know. Other than that the Delmarva peninsula shines with Frankford, a lot of British city names (Oxford, Cambridge), and Vienna.

The Ocean


It’s been a crazy time, these last two months! Crossing the ocean, closing one chapter, opening a new one. So here I am, in Washington, and you’ll be hearing more from me again. For my birthday last weekend, I went off to Ocean City for the weekend, sort of a Mallorca for the young Washingtoneans, […]