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I moved


I moved, and I would like to invite you to follow me at After more than 100 posts on, I decided to move to my own wordpress installation. Nothing fancy, mostly the same content, a bit more regular writing on transparency and social innovation such as crowdfunding hopefully, and a little bit more […]



Ahead of the Rio+20 summit, I have been working on a new tool that looks at investment in green energy in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Climatescope. Had me crazy, but it is now live and it kicks! Definitely worth playing around with. But what I came across, and what had me breathless for […]

First of all: Happy New Year! All clocks on zero. Same procedure as last year, or introducing new ideas. Exciting year ahead! I still owe you some advent calendar images that I had prepared but, due to very limited internet access in the south of Germany and Switzerland, couldn’t post. Or do much at all […]

Waiting until the end of a great Peaches Christ Superstar performance, featuring even greater Chilly Gonzales on the keys, for the “Peaches” element in the musical. Believers united.

new year


Berlin is re-freshingly white, cold and quiet. Everything here is white, offering clear space for a new year. What do I want to write in the snow? I am back in Berlin, and it feels a little bit like when I just started working for Transparency Maroc two  months ago. One short thought on my […]

Things yoou do in Morocco once a year: get yourself a sheep or goat to celebrate the Aid El Kebir, honor Abraham’s sacrifice. This year it’s on 9 December. But be warned, there will be many, many other families buying one, too. Estimates expect 5 million animals to be sold for the celebration. The picture […]

Here’s the idea. I like music, film, books and experiencing cultures. I find it exciting to discover how people live all over the world. My work allows me to travel to some places and work in some countries for some time. But often, I just hear a song, read a book or a news story […]