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I came across this really nice feature to create your own, classic mixtape at one of my favourite blogs Das Kraftfuttermischwerk. The great thing about Everyone’s Mixtape is that it draws on YouTube, Soundcloud and Vimeo! So, here’s my very special 2011 melodies mixtape for you. As you’ll hear, 2011 was a lot about textures, […]

The Field


The driving energy of The Field. And the best album title this year: The Looping State of Mind. Early show at U Street Music Hall last weekend. I found out about it last minute. Much better than Halloween. And a song using the new HTML5 Soundcloud feature. Update: Hm, doesn’t seem to work yet. Here’s […]

Nights in Washington are different. I don’t know exactly why and how, but I don’t feel the same need as in Berlin to be outside. Why is it that restaurants are so loud that you can barely talk? Don’t they check on the acoustic at all? It seems that the louder, the hipper the place. […]

Fujiya & Miyagi


Amazing gig by Fujiya & Miyagi at Lido in Berlin tonight. Green fits well…  

While thinking what to write for the little post on this year’s Berlinale, and share with you my favourites of the the more than 20 movies I saw, I came across this crazy music video of Extra Life’s Head Shrinker on Stereogum. The video tries a little bit too hard to be weird, but the music […]

A wonderful relaxed Sunday in Berlin: after a late waffles breakfast, reading under an umbrellain the rain, cleaning the sticky air, and enjoying a nice concert at night, while the rest of Berlin is at the Karneval der Kulturen. Berlin-based Masha Qrella, whose 2002 album Luck and 2005 Unsolved Remained I like very much, presented […]

Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite Berlin record stores, not usually the place I would look for African music, and while listening to some new records on my list, I came across this wonderful music by the band Staff Benda Bilili from Kinshasa, D.R. Congo. Without having heard anything about the band or […]