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I must say, this year I got a bit lost on what I funded and backed on Kickstarter. Solar power, urban transport maps for Dhaka, relationship movies, magnetic comic strips. Quite a random selection of fun, intriguing, intellectual and useful projects. In this post, I wanted to look a bit more in depth into what […]

Berlinale 2012


It is cold in Berlin, it snows, yet, I am excited! It’s Berlinale time, another round of the Berlin film festival. A week standing in lines for tickets, displacing myself from one cinema to another, trying to grab a bite in between films. After last year’s extensive coverage, I still managed to submerge myself a […]

An open letter to Reed Hastings in response to his reflections I received today. Dear Mr Hastings: I think you got it all wrong. It’s not about the communication. It’s about the product. Here’s an example: On Saturday night I was looking for a James Bond movie. But not just any movie, I wanted to […]



Yesterday, I watched, in memorandum, an episode of the first Columbo season. It was amazing. The episode Death Lends a Hand, where he masterly proves the guilt of the private detective who murdered a woman, combines all his art, simply seeing through all the vanity of his counterpart, remaining a down-to-earth defender of the law. […]

Ok, I have promised it. Here it goes: Golden Bear for Best Film En Terrain Connus. Because it surprised me. It kept me intrigued. It made me laugh. And it made me build up a sympethy for its characters as no other film did! And it not only had great actors, but also great sound […]

I was so busy watching movies over the weekend, that I didn’t get to write up a couple of lines as previously. So now the Berlinale is over. I do not (yet) show withdrawal symptoms. They will come though, latest tonight. Nice that the Arsenal repeats some of the Forum films. Make sure you catch […]

Yesterday was a nice evening with two very different movies, from two very different areas of the world. I loved Man Chu (Late Autumn)! It’s maybe my favourite film during this year’s Berlinale (together with En Terrains Connus, Into the White Night and Unjust…).  A very sensible movie, but never sentimental. Korean director Kim Tae-Yong […]