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Christmas tree (Berlin, Neukölln).   Advertisements

Another Christmas style photo. A Christmas market. With some nice trumpet trio sound in my ear.

Last Saturday before Christmas. The one thing you should avoid: shopping malls. The one thing you probably can’t avoid: shopping malls. And people. Lots of them. S-Bahns and Trams full of them. And boxes, and bags, and Christmas trees. All of it with a Glühwein in the hand. And I am one of them. (The […]

I wonder: African Union headquarters in Berlin?

There are areas in Berlin, where there is a betting place next to the other, where every corner is another gambling club. Where games are being played. All night. All day. Life’s a game?  

Day 15 is a Wednesday. That means Stammtisch with a couple of friends. We get together every other week to talk mostly about using technology for development but also about all the other issues that are important in life. Stammtisch as a concept is being applied very loosely, we don’t have the same table every […]

Just walked up three floors and down three floors. But what a nice surprise! Here’s the new English book store at Dussmann. Very inviting, and an even bigger selection of English books, at least so it appears. So no area anymore, a real store. And you don’t have to walk up three floors anymore.