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Borders. Who crosses them? How do you pass them? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Do you have to walk, drive, swim, fly? Can you cross a border? Where is the line, exactly? What is in between? What was the last line I crossed? How long did I stay in between: […]

Paradise Ahead


Does paradise exist on earth? (Graffiti on the border fence, Tijuana-side, 1999)

I am very excited to join the course Issues in International Creative Nonfiction: Immigration at the University of Iowa starting this Monday! It’s an international distance-learning course, part of their International Writing Program. Some of the books we are going to read are Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea, What is the What by Dave […]



Sonne scheint durch die Lamellen des Fensters, die kalte Luft im Gesicht, weiches Blau. Die Nacht ist schon wieder weit weg, unwirklich, in ihrer Wiederholbarkeit. Kurze Texte hin und her, Freitag Abend, vielleicht, eine Chance, oder die nächstbeste, dann, verworfene Pläne, billige Musik zu laut, Bier wird zu billigem Tequila Reißleine, good-bye. Und jetzt, Restgeruch […]