What to do in 7 hours São Paulo


On my way back from Asunción. The third time coming through São Paulo Guarulhos. I had enough of this most boring airport ever, no internet, no news or books stand, nothing. But 7 hours time. So, leaving the airport, into a taxi and visiting a friend in Vila Madalena. Here’s some photos that I took when walking through the neighborhood, mostly of the graffiti around (in the Batman’s alley). Interesting, in the taxi back to the airport, very fancy with a TV screen in the seat, they aired a documentary on the graffiti that I just saw.

Hopefully I’ll be back. To tell you more about the bars, the streets, the city as a whole, not just seen through a couple of hours lense.


3 Responses to “What to do in 7 hours São Paulo”

  1. 1 ASalas

    Missing Berlin Graffiti?

  2. 2 georgneu

    In corporate and international downtown DC definitely not something you’ll find. And if you find something cool, see the bunny in the last post, it’s gone after a couple of weeks!

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