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Yesterday, I watched, in memorandum, an episode of the first Columbo season. It was amazing. The episode Death Lends a Hand, where he masterly proves the guilt of the private detective who murdered a woman, combines all his art, simply seeing through all the vanity of his counterpart, remaining a down-to-earth defender of the law. […]

Balcony Part I


On why it is so incredibly great to have a balcony part I. Today: amazing sunsets. More pictures in the balcony series to come soon.

Wednesday, I got my driver’s license. Yeah. People warned me. It’s Kafkaesque, it’s the weirdest place in DC. And I was not disappointed. First, I biked to the Georgetown dispatch at 8 am, with the office opening at 8:15am, and the line was already long. Funny enough, I met a colleague of mine, a Swede, […]



I am slowly getting there. Or better: here. It’s fun unpacking books! I start reading, making mentally a list of which book to put on my night stand, what to read again, and how to organise them. Next on my list, a German book: Wolfgang Schömel’s “Die große Verschwendung”. What are you reading?

On my way back from Asunción. The third time coming through São Paulo Guarulhos. I had enough of this most boring airport ever, no internet, no news or books stand, nothing. But 7 hours time. So, leaving the airport, into a taxi and visiting a friend in Vila Madalena. Here’s some photos that I took […]