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Friday is Bike to Work Day in Washington. Pretty cool, although I am not really interested in getting a shirt saying “I Bike to Work”. People will be able to tell when I’ll arrive all sweaty at work… It might also mean that I won’t get a bike that day. Because until my boxes – […]

Where is Ai Wei Wei? Article from today in the Guardian. (Update: You should really read this article. It says everything and more, which is why I decided to not say anything and just post the pictures here.) 37 days since Ai Weiwei disappeared, arrested by the Chinese police on 3 April in Beijing as […]

Lost balloon


Poor kid. Picture in the Washington metro. Station: Eastern Market, the closest to Prenzlauer Berg I have felt so far her in Washington. A small flee market, some art stands and a great food market. All in about two blocks on a Sunday. And maybe the best mint chocolate chip ice-cream that I have had […]

My Tie


Today, I wanted to share with you my tie. Now, why would I do that? First, to tell you that I have to wear these kinds of things now. But secondly, because I remembered the story of this tie: Once upon a time in the very far west, together with my friend Jean-Yves we picked […]