Day 15: Stammtisch


Day 15 is a Wednesday. That means Stammtisch with a couple of friends. We get together every other week to talk mostly about using technology for development but also about all the other issues that are important in life. Stammtisch as a concept is being applied very loosely, we don’t have the same table every time, and we don’t have any rituals for joining (besides the one that you get a very technical question to answer while holding your hand above a candle…)

It’s actually my first Stammtisch that originated in a nice evening when Tobias (@kabissa) and I met this summer, then still sitting outside of the café with a cold beer, a Rothaus Pils, and ordering a Flammkuchen. Rothaus is my heimat beer, so to say. And Flammkuchen my heimat pizza, in a way.

As we don’t have a regular table where we meet, and that would have made a nice photo, I decided to dedicate this entry to the Berliner beer that is waiting to be consumed outside my window. And let me know if you want to come next time!


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