collecting panini’s


I haven’t done this for about 20 years but somehow got excited this time: I am collecting Panini-stickers and I know, it’s very commercial and everything and there are very cool and independent one’s in Switzerland, but here I am.

It’s actually really fun in Colombia: you can get and change them (2 for 1) at every corner, and sometimes you simply have to open the trunk…

Anyone having doubles? Let me know!

at every corner...

...and in every trunk.


3 Responses to “collecting panini’s”

  1. 1 Juanita Olaya

    Dearest Georg, as an absolute Panini fan I must confess I was amazed to discover that we are dealing with globalized Paninis. Being able to trade them here and there ( the official Swiss ones are yellow by the way!) has made my day. The only lesson learnt for this year for me though is…next time I share the album with my step son I should buy us TWO!.
    p/S Do you know if the sticker for neuer will be issued?

  2. 2 georgneu

    I don’t think there will be a sticker for Neuer! But it is amazing how they are global. We should have a global map of corner stands and swap markets though…

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