Nous habitons ici!


I just came back from a little, but very inspiring and lively exhibition of the project of my ifa-programme colleague Lena Seik, who has been working here in Rabat for the last two months. Kids in a kindergarden in Salé, the city just next to Rabat, worked with her to show how they are living. Inspired by contemporanean Moroccan artists such as Amina Benbouchtam, member of the contemporanean artist group Collectif212, the kids worked on little kleenex-boxes and shoe cartons displaying their homes. The little box on the image below shows one of the houses. At the same time, kindergarden kids in Leipzig, Germany did a similar project, and exchanged with the Moroccan kids their impressions via letters.  Look at the blog RABAT LEIPZIG where you can meet the kids and see many pictures.

la chambre d'un enfant

la chambre d'un enfant

It really felt like a little exchange crossing languages, countries, generations, artists and, maybe, who knows, soon-to-be artists. Oh, and not to forget that the catering at the vernissage was great. A lot of candy and soda. Just right for the kids… and me.


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