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merry christmas


This year is probably the one where I less feel like Christmas in my life. It is interesting how all the surroundings such as the advent calendars, the decoration, the cold, the days at home with friends and family, looking for presents come into play to create this feeling of celebration. Christmas may be commercialised in […]

I couldn’t believe that I’ve been here, right next to the sea, for over a month and I haven’t even gotten close to the water. Looking from the Casbah, I’ve only seen the beach from above, watching the young Moroccans surf and play football. There’s quite a tradition to go surfing and a couple of […]

The one’s who know me in person, know about my sometimes rebellish hair. It was about time that I addressed this, as about every half a year or so, and so I went to a hair dresser that Saâd, my roommate, recommended. I actually like the word coiffeur, it sounds so classy, so haute couture. I […]

I somehow have the impression that there aren’t as many installations (usually do not serve anything but filling the space and, sometimes, look good) on Morrocans public spaces, plazas and crossings, than in Europe. But yesterday I left to Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, and the biggest city with nearly 4 million people, just […]

I know, it may be something totally trivial, but when I saw, it just struck me as something very fascinating. It may not be very advent like and the image is quite raw, but I hope you get the idea. To dispose the waste, you just through it in this little waste elevator in one […]

Here’s something I love about Moroccan decor. The tiles that can be found everywhere, from the walls of the restaurants, the houses, the door frames, the washing facilities of the mosques. One example that I took in the restaurant in the Medina in Rabat:

People all around the world watch footballs. So do Moroccans, although the Spanish, and also the French league are followed maybe more than the national one (the Groupement National de Football). And Moroccans really create a great atmosphere when gathering in the tea houses to watch the great matches, such as yesterday’s classic FC Barcelona […]