How to drink Moroccan tea


Little things that are helpful to know, lesson number 1: here’s how you have to serve Moroccan tea.

After spilling half of the pot the previous times I had some Moroccan tea, which is lightly sugared green tea with mint leafs, yesterday, I was finally shown how you get all the tea in the glass. Please excuse the slightly blurred picture. It was actually quite difficult to serve with one hand, and take a picture with the other.

Pouring Moroccan tea

Pouring Moroccan tea

The trick is to elevate the teapot and to find the right angle to hold it while pouring so that the tea and mint leafs in the pot do not cover the spout from inside. Once served, the tea will have a head, similar to a beer.

Enjoy your warm tea, especially during cold and rainy November days in Rabat.


One Response to “How to drink Moroccan tea”

  1. I recently had a cup of Moroccan Mint Tea for the first time. It was delicious!!! Thanks for sharing the “how to” on pouring.

    By the way, your teapot is beautiful!!!

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